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My Spiritual Journey- 30 — There is no finite truth in Infinity, except perhaps…

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

If you have followed my Spiritual Journey alongside me, you will have noticed that I have desperately tried to answer major existential questions such as “why are we here”, “what is God/Source”, “where do we go from here”. I have created a sort of “model” to give a concrete form, a structure, a framework, to allow us to understand, to know, to have definite answers.

As this Journey comes to a close, I’m going to wipe the slate clean, and pull the rug under my own feet.

You may have read my previous article, “Freeing God/Source” where I directly contradict a fundamental assumption and concept behind all of my thinking, that of Perfect Symmetry, which provided for an explanation of why we were here, why we had free will, what Karma was and many other things. The law of Perfect Symmetry I formulated as following: “if something exists, its opposite exists”. I’m not going to bore you with what the implications of that assumption are. If you’re interested, you can read my previous articles. The bottom line is, if you apply this very principle to Perfect Symmetry itself, then if Perfect Symmetry exists, Perfect Asymmetry also exists. Which means that whatever assumptions I had about the consequences of Perfect Symmetry fall apart.

Or do they?

Here I will harness the concepts developed in my article 26: A Tetravalent Logic to understand God/Source. Basically moving beyond seeing things as being “true” or “false”, and acknowledging that things maybe true and false, or neither true nor false.

Here is a practical example. Do you agree that the Earth is round? Then would you say that the people that “believed” that the Earth was flat were wrong?That their beliefs were false? If you really genuinely understand what God/Source is, helped by the concept of infinity, then you will come to realize that the belief in a flat Earth simply allows you to experience the implications of that belief! That is: you will be scared to navigate away from coastlines, you will experience the fear of falling over the edge of the world…

What I’m trying to say is that there are no true or false beliefs, there is no “objective” truth, all there is, is a dialectic process between what you believe and on that basis, what “chunk” of infinity you want to experience.

If you believe in a clockwork, mechanical Universe, your outside reality will reflect that belief, and that is the “part” of infinity that you will get to experience. If you believe in a magical Universe with spirits and ghosts, then you will experience another part of infinity. Neither are wrong, they simply allow you to navigate inside infinity without getting lost.

Understand that beingness exists as zero/nothing/void, and infinity/God/Source, and experience is what exists between those two points. If you are infinite, you cannot experience yourself, because the moment you try, you are not infinite any more. There is always an experience beyond the experience. Infinity chases itself into infinity. Right now, as you are reading this article, you have the impression that the world around you is finite. You cut it all up into digestible chunck, you divide time into seconds, distance into meters, colors into distinct categories. If your beliefs were not finite, then you would cease to experience anything and you would just be, for all eternity.

So when I said that I will pull the rug from under my feet, I was serious and at the same time, I wasn’t. Any theory anyone comes up with simply allows us to steer our collective experience into exploring a certain chunk of infinity. That’s it. There is no right or wrong, no true or false. However, we are being assisted at this time by “higher dimensional” beings in revising our beliefs because our current, dominant beliefs are a dead end. That is, we will experience a finite story in infinity, which is a waste. If you follow the current dominant mainstream scientific theories (which is the belief, the dogma of the day), we will inevitably experience terrible wars and a fight for resources as climate change sets in, due to our inherent inability, given capitalism’s individualistic profit maximizing logic, to do anything meaningful about it until it’s too late.

That sounds to me like a pretty shitty ending. Even worse then the ending of Game of Thrones or of Avengers: End Game. Perhaps these bad endings are a mirror reflection of the very shitty scenario we are setting up for ourselves, unless we “shift” our beliefs and our understanding of this reality and of the true nature of infinity.

But as the title of the article suggests, there is indeed a transcendental Ultimate Truth to infinity. And that is… drum roll… UNCONDITIONAL LOVE! OK, I see you rolling your eyes behind your computer as you read that. It has been repeated over and over in all possible shapes and forms, from the Jesus one to more spiritual preachy stuff, from Buddha to Ghandi to Human Rights… But here is another insight into why Unconditional Love is the ultimate answer. Unconditional Love takes nothing away from infinity. It is the only thing which matches infinity. The moment you say something needs to be changed, that something doesn’t deserve to exist, that something is “false” or wrong, it is as if you were trying to remove or subtract it from infinity. But you cannot do that! Infinity is infinity! How do you remove anything from infinity? How do you “remove” from infinity the experience of flat Earth? How do you remove from infinity the experience of murder? All you can do is decide which direction you want to navigate in infinity but certainly not by stating that part of infinity should not exist. In this sense it’s exactly like choosing your next vacation holiday. When you hesitate between several destinations, you don’t rank them in order of degree of “evilness” or in which destination is more “true”, you decide based on what destination you want to experience. That is what is offered to us today. We have explored a part of infinity up until this day, which may or may not have been based on the theory of Perfect Symmetry that I have proposed. And we have come to a point where we have reached the limit of that theory, the limit of where this can lead us in infinity. It is time to decide consciously where we are to go next.

I have to insist, once again, on not trying to label whatever the next paradigm that we settle on as the truth. Understand that it is a process, and these nested belief systems which are built one on top of the other exist for a very good reason. Besides the point that we would be lost in infinity, they represent a natural growth/evolutionary process. We are only becoming aware of this new reality now for the same reason why you don’t give a chain saw to a 4 year old. Imagine if humanity, 5000 years ago, was told that whatever they firmly believe about the nature of reality would allow them to experience it. How quickly to you think the world would sink into utter chaos? At that time, presenting them with a vengeful God which stayed Abraham’s hand as he was about to sacrifice his son was “progress” from the point of view of a pagan society where rape, murder and ritual sacrifices were the norm. At every point in our Infinite Journey, as streams of consciousness, we are gently invited to update our beliefs to steer our collective story in a direction which mirrors the objective and ultimate reality: there is only Infinity. There can be no “end”.

Let me put it this way. Zero represents the seed. God/Source represents the tree. Given that time does not exist in infinity as it passes infinitely fast, the seed is already a tree. However, by gradually raising its consciousness to match that of a tree, it can experience all the intermediary steps from being a seed to being a tree. That gradual growth in consciousness is what we experience as time.

Think about how we raise our children. We start by presenting them a “magical” fairy tale world, with Santa Claus and various creatures that will punish them if they misbehave. Then they transcend that vision of the world and move on to gradually espouse whatever dominant dogma is available to them in their society: religious fundamentalism, scientific extremism, etc. Then as they grow older, hopefully, they become unsatisfied with these limiting beliefs and move on to explore their deeper selves, they discover spirituality, which can lead them to settle for new dogmas in this “woo woo” field. And then, they may stumble upon an article like this one, which puts it all into perspective, and they embrace the fact that all they have experienced, all they had believed was part of a natural, growth/evolutionary process. And if you’re attentive, you’ll realize that the change in paradigms in how children view the world mirrors that of the paradigm shift that the human collective has experienced as a whole since tens of thousands of years ago.

Think about this: if you ask your 4 year old how the digestive system works, from the perspective of an adult, how accurate or how “true” would that description be? Probably laughable. So too, from the perspective of a 12th dimensional being, THIS very article may be laughable. So what? Try not to hold any belief about anything and directly jump from knowing nothing to going to a post-doctoral medicine University seminar on the digestive system. This is all a process, and it is an integral part of infinity. And to love that process means that you understand that it is part of infinity, it is an experience that you can decide to have. It is beyond “true or false”.

And so ultimately, this is what it boils down to: identifying which is the master and which is the servant between “mind” and knowledge and “emotions”/feeling. Whatever your knowledge, your beliefs are, they are at the service of experiencing Unconditional Love, because it is the only thing which is a match to infinity. It is the only thing that is beyond truth, beyond knowledge, and is eternal.

That time when you caressed the hair of your children, that time when you breathed in the sweet perfume of a flower, that time you admired the beauty of a wild mountainous scenery, that time when you watched your child laugh and play on a playground, those moments are untranscendable. They will remain true for all Eternity. You can only add more of these experiences of this sort, but you cannot subtract any of these moments. The next time you caress your children’s hair does not invalidate the last time you did it. The next time you watch a nice natural scenery doesn’t invalidate what you felt when you experienced another scenery. Unconditional Love is therefore intrinsically linked with BEAUTY. Searching desperately after beauty because there is no limit to beauty. The next beautiful thing that you experience just adds to that which you have already experienced.

And so in conclusion, whatever beliefs that we hold, whatever “model” or structure that we use to make sense of our reality, be it via science, religion or spirituality, should be subservient to experiencing more Unconditional Love, or more of Infinity, which is one and the same thing. Where do we want to go from here?

The fundamental question is: which “belief”, model or understanding which helps us navigate in infinity will allow us to caress our children’s hair one more time? And remember, in Infinity, there is no right or wrong. There is only what chunk of Infinity you want to experience. In Infinity, there is an experience where you witness this world descend into chaos, and see it all die away. And that, is also perfectly fine, from the point of view of infinity. So to answer the question above, follow your heart, follow your most profound and honest desire.


This article, very probably, closes the Spiritual Journey series.

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