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Watch me present my new book: "Mother Earth's final push", as part of the the EMANES Annual Conference 2022. 



I had an awesome exchange with Rieki Cordon, from the Seeds network. We discussed lots of topics related to blockchain technology and decentralized autonomous organisations, including a novel way to co-create on a piece of land, via collective or common stewardship!



I was recently interviewed by Julie Lie Tandberg, from the New Earth Era series. We discussed plenty of topics related to the future of our humanity, the meaning of life and everything.



Check out my latest paper, "Mirroring Biology - the necessary evolution of the economic and financial system", freely available on

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Marma Developer

Marma Developer

Marma Developer
SPIRITUAL BRAINSTORM - EPISODE #194 - Michael Levin - Cancer, intelligence, conscious weather, God

SPIRITUAL BRAINSTORM - EPISODE #194 - Michael Levin - Cancer, intelligence, conscious weather, God

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SPIRITUAL BRAINSTORM - EPISODE #193 - Michael Levin, Richard Watson and Donald Hoffman - Commentary

SPIRITUAL BRAINSTORM - EPISODE #193 - Michael Levin, Richard Watson and Donald Hoffman - Commentary

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SPIRITUAL BRAINSTORM - EPISODE #192 - Artificial General Intelligence and inner/outer reality

SPIRITUAL BRAINSTORM - EPISODE #192 - Artificial General Intelligence and inner/outer reality

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SPIRITUAL BRAINSTORM - EPISODE #191 - Terrence Howard on Joe Rogan - Paradigms and truth

SPIRITUAL BRAINSTORM - EPISODE #191 - Terrence Howard on Joe Rogan - Paradigms and truth

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“A thought cannot be less intelligent than the thinker.”
“Life's imperfection is what makes experience possible.”
“In this Relative reality, one can never be always right, as that would mean violating the free will of those who believe he/she is wrong. In other words, everyone must, consciously or unconsciously, always make oneself fallible to respect the free will of others. If one does not accept this rule, and wants to be always right, he or she must prepare either for a life of solitude, pushing away all that may enter into a contradiction with one's truths, or the life of a despotic Guru.”
“Perfect solutions create perfect problems, which allow for no time and no experience in between. Imperfect solutions create imperfect problems, and that is at the root of the very existence of the reality we inhabit: a continuous succession of problems and solutions and in between, hopefully, a lot of fun.”
“Life is the gateway between existence and experience.”
“Your beliefs are the boundaries of your reality.”
“Ultimately, there is nothing else besides knowledge of self.”
“Every single one of your cells are tuned into Christ consciousness.”
“All too often, love is mistaken for fear of loss. Unconditional Love isn't fear of loss, it is treating everything as if it were part of yourself, viewing each part of reality as cells of your own body, doing what they are supposed to do. Your behaviour towards them is therefore not attempting to control them, but to help them achieve their role.”
“You cannot love that which you possess.”
“Our reality springs from the dual will of Infinity and Nothingness to become that which they are not.”
“The Universe is so intelligent in it's design that it allows you to intelligently discuss the fact that it's not intelligent design.”
“There is no ultimate truth, there is only a relative truth which is more or less relevant to who you are in your present state of awareness. To allow that truth to permeate through to your awareness, simply try to meditate on the concept of Infinity and Eternity, with a focus on what is most relevant for you, right now.”
“The only thing a perpetrator, a victim and a savior can create together, is a situation where they are and remain, a perpetrator, a victim and a savior.”
“Be the causeless cause.”
“Life is at the center of everything, between the infinitely big and the infinitely small.”
“The only truth to start comes from within.”
“You can create the illusion of imperfection within perfection, you can create the illusion of finiteness within infinity. It doesn't work the other way around.”
“Freedom only exists in acceptance of the self, and aligning with the self. All other attempts at freedom lead to illusions and blindly following the unconscious mind.”
“Belief comes before experience, and the first belief ever is the belief in separation.”
“Non determinism and free will are a pre-requisite for the existence of time and sequential experience. In a deterministic Universe, time would flow infinitely fast.”
“No paradigm shifts are comfortable. We are transitioning from materialist science to a renewed form of spirituality. Many people will need guidance to make the transition without loosing themselves.”
“Our role is to help Infinity to co-exist with itself in peace and harmony.”
“The Universe cannot be anything less than what it already is.”
"To be or not to be, that is the question.
To be and not to be, that is the answer."
"Reality as we see it is just a convenient interface for bundles of energy/vibration to interact with each other."
"The only force that exists in the Universe is the force that the future exerts on the past."
"The meaning of life is life itself, life for it's own sake."
"You cannot BE everything and EXPERIENCE everything at the same time."
"The 21st century will reconcile Science and Spirituality."
"The Present is the result of the negotiation between the Future and the Past."
"A seed contains the potential of recreating the tree.
A soul contains the potential of recreating God".
"There is no finite truth in infinity, or perhaps, there are an infinite number of finite truths in infinity."
"Beingness exists as zero and infinity, experience exists in between".
"Your limiting truths and beliefs serve a higher purpose, that of determining what part of infinity you want to experience ".
"Unconditional love and infinity are one and the same, since unconditional love does not try to subtract anything from infinity".
"Consciousness resides between zero and Infinity, Existence or Beingness resides in zero and Infinity".
"Everything thinks everything else into existence and into experience".
"The best way to think about Infinity, is to imagine that each brain is but a neuron in a larger brain, and that brain is but a neuron in yet a larger brain, and so on into Infinity. In the end, all is Mind, and consciousness results from the feedback loop between the configuration of these neural networks, and the experiencing of that configuration".
"If a Consciousness experiences thinks Infinitely fast, it becomes impossible to know whether that which it is experiencing exists prior to it's experience of it. At that point, Consciousness and Creation are One."
"We live in a Reality which is a perfect blend between Perfect Order and Perfect Chaos. Too much Order, and the experience flows infinitely fast. Too much chaos, and the experience cannot sustain itself. Physical Reality is the leading edge of Consciousness from which ever more Chaos can be explored in a sense-making way."
"The Golden Ratio and Sacred Geometry represent Perfect Order, or the way to arrange vibrations in a harmonious way. However, Perfection cannot be experienced. It merely IS. Experience comes from the blending of Perfect Order with Perfect Chaos, the result of which should amount to Chorus, where the slight imperfections from different vibrations create a richness and beauty in its own right, much like that of an Orchestra."
"In Infinity, nothing is false, everything is true, everything exists. Rather than asking what is true, ask yourself: what do I want to experience?"
"Infinity, limitlessness, is a slave to its own limitless nature. Freedom can only be experienced by setting limits, then forgetting where those limits were set, and incarnate into a limited consciousness which gradually grows until it can sense those limits. Setting limits beyond where our consciousness can reach, and experiencing the journey to those limits is one of the most powerful ways to experience freedom. Hence, on this Planet, although we feel that we are not free, we are infinitely more free than Infinity itself."
"Beyond Infinity is the causeless cause, absolute nothingness, beyond concept, beyond mind. It isn't enslaved. It isn't free. It simply IS with no attribute, no nature, no word to qualify or describe it. Total, absolute presence is our way, as humans, to experience it. It is where we find our Peace."
"The most powerful act of creation happens for no reason, for nothing. Whenever you do anything for a reason, the reason is co-created alongside the action. If you do something to save the world, then you require a world to save, thus you create the problem at the same time as you create the solution. An act of creation for no reason, for nothing, is the causeless cause. It has the power to create something out of nothing, which is where our entire reality springs up from."
"True spiritual awakening is to stand between Heaven and Earth, between intuition and knowledge, between Nothing and Infinity, between the Relative and the Absolute, in a harmonious blend. Still human, still here, still chasing after goals, but with that extra layer of knowing that all is well, enjoying the goals you set for yourself, not because they are important, but simply because that is who you are, what you want to express, at this very moment."


The Sky

is not

the limit.

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